滤波电阻   Filter Resistor

 产品描述(Product Profile)




    Damping type double tuned filter is widely used in HVDC project, the damping resistance selection in relation to the effect of filter resistance filter on the filtering effect; then taking ±800kV UHVDC transmission project of AC filter design for example, assessment of different damping resistance filter performance and steady value; finally, based on the performance index and steady state value considerations, summarizes the basic principles and rules of resistance selection, to improve the efficiency of the filter design, reduce blindness has certain guiding significance in engineering。

   AC filter practical should be integrated into the technical and economic factors, the recommended configuration scheme can meet the relevant performance and rating requirements under various operating conditions. Damping type multi-tuned filter with filtering range, high frequency damping mistuning sensitivity, good point, is widely used in modern HVDC project, especially the telephone harmonic wave coefficient is required.

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