电动轮矿用车制动电阻 Electric Mine Wheel Braking resistor

产品描述(Product Profile)



The electric drive system of the large mining truck is generally used in the electric drive system, that is, the output power of the diesel engine to the generator. In the vehicle braking, the vehicle's kinetic energy is transferred to the traction motor by the way of the wheel and the wheel side reducer. The controller controls the output of the inverter, so that the traction motor is working in the state. So we called the mine car braking resistance grid or mining vehicle brake resistance device.

 产品特点(Product Features)

1. 电阻器功率大

2. 结构紧凑,易维护

3. 低电感,散热好

4. 耐震性好,可靠性高

5. 使用寿命久


1. High-power resistor

2。 Compact structure

3. Low inductance,good heat dissipation

4. High shock resistance ,high reliability

5. long lifespan

6. Use all kinds of harsh environment

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